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Our Armor Steel Sales Have Started.

BR4-BR5 ~ 4,25mm thickness.
BR6 ~ 6,5mm thickness.
BR7 14,5 mm thickness.

How did we get started?

Yenice İnşaat Dekorasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi started its activities in 1995 and has become one of the leading facade and ballistic companies in the sector with its growth momentum over time.

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Bullet Proof Works

Bullet Proof Aluminum Joinery, Door, Window and Glass Systems


Yenice Construction Decoration Industry and Trade Limited Company started its activities in 1995 and has become one of the leading facade and ballistic companies in the sector with its growth momentum.

With its Yenice experience, strong technical staff and manufacturing and assembly quality at European standards, it successfully achieves its ever-growing targets. Within the framework of its main goal of being a leader in bulletproof aluminum joinery systems, it has continued its investments and solved all kinds of auxiliary material production required for this within its own structure, thus largely eliminating its external dependency.
In addition, the machine park is constantly renewed and its production is made in a closed area of ​​2.000 m2. It attaches great importance to the training of all its employees, from manufacturing to assembly, including technical staff.

Yenice aims to increase its targets by obtaining EN1523 FB6 NS and EN1523 FB7 NS Certificate and CE standards for its own series YK90 / YK100 / YS118 / YC70 Systems and Bullet Proof Joinery and Façade series as of 10.12.2013. Continues to be a doyen in its sector. Our quality policy;
• Closely follow and implement technological developments in the sector,
• Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level,
• Complying with the legal regulations and conditions without compromising,
• To increase,
• To fulfill every work started on time, with the highest level techniques, fully compatible with the project, with the desired quality,
• Increasing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System as a Quality Policy.
• The participation and full support of our staff is essential to realize this policy.

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Yenice Ballistic - Our Priority, Your Safety

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YK90 – Heat Insulated Bullet Proof, Blast Resistance and Forced Entry Door and Window Systems

  • System wall thickness is 2 mm.
  • It is a modular system.
  • • Inward pop-up window systems can be made in the system.
  • • Inward and outward opening door systems can be made in the system.
  • • Provides a 90% advantage during the post-attack regeneration process.
  • • With its thermally insulated design (4 chambers), it prevents the heat and sound loss of the environment and makes a great contribution to the savings of the consumer.
  • • Specially designed with YENİCE accessory systems, it provides trouble-free and quality use. (The system is guaranteed for 5 years).
  • • Blast resistance class: EN 13123-1:2001 EPR 2 NS / EN 13123-1:2001 EPR 3 NS
  • • Forced enrty class: EN 1629 / EN 1627 RC3
  • • It has a maximum capacity of 800 kg window wings and 300 kg wing carrying capacity on the doors.
  • • It provides the advantage of being used on a single system with specially designed glazing beads for all glass classes in international standards (BR2 / BR3 / BR4 / BR5 / BR6 / BR7).
  • • 15 mm and 34 mm polyamide heat barriers are used.
  • • It provides sound and heat insulation of the environment with its EPDM (rubber) 3-sealed designs.
  • • With unlimited colors and wood patterns, the interior and exterior surfaces can be painted in all colors and can be offered in different colors.
  • • It has a system depth of 90 mm and 112 mm.

YK-90 Production Standards.

  • Bulletproof door and window EN 1522 / 1523
  • Forced entry door and window EN 1627 / 1629
  • Blast resistance door and window EN 15123-1 / EN 13124-1

YK-90 Performance values ​​(EN-14351-1+A1)

  • Air permeability (600 pascal) Class 4 EN 1026 EN 12207
  • Waterproofing (600 pascal) 9A EN 1027 EN 12208
  • Wind resistance (1200 pascal) Class C3 EN 12210 EN 12211
  • Heat insulate Uf=2,46 W/K.m2 EN ISO 100077-2
  • Acoustic (sound permeability) 44 Decibels EN ISO 10140-2• Static torsion resistance (350N) Class 4 EN 14609

In today’s conditions, the security of our buildings is of great importance against increasing danger and threats.

Attacks that threaten our life and property security are usually made through doors and windows. When we want to increase the security level in our doors and windows, to prevent heat loss, without spoiling the aesthetic appearance and without costing the consumer after terrorist attacks, when we want to benefit from the advantage of Security Doors and Windows, YENİCE YK90 Bulletproof, Blast Resistance and Forced Entry aluminum joinery series meets all these needs.

With its armor steel reinforcement, the surface of which is made of hard anodized aluminum alloy, YENİCE YK90 provides a wide range of protection from gun attacks to G-3 machine gun attacks.

Yenice YK90 Bulletproof Ballistic Doors and Windows.
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Our valuable business partner;
Due to the Covid-19 virus epidemic that has surrounded and threatened the whole world and our country in recent months, our company has decided to work from our homes as of 20.03.2020, considering the health of you and our employees to minimize social contact as much as possible.

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